3 Links to Look for in an Applicant

Today’s guest post is written by Emily Manke, researcher, consultant and blogger for Online Human Resources.

While everyone has different wants and needs out of candidates, there are some sure signs of a great find when sorting through potential hires. Nowadays, candidates need to have their whole career stand-out at a glance, and their portfolio a click away. Otherwise their resume will get lost in the inbox, like so many others. There are some sure signs of a professional you should see right away. Obviously past positions, accomplishments, and recommendations all play the most important roles in getting people hired. There are a few additional things you should look for as a recruiter, that can help you sift through the inbox overload of resumes more confidently, and find the gems.

1. Linked Resume

In my experience, having a link to a resume, as opposed to an attached file, makes my life a lot easier. We use Google Drive at my company so if someone sends me their resume as a link to a Google Doc, I already know they’re proficient in our office suite. If your company is very active on Linked:In, a link to a LinkedIn profile, in addition to an attached file, is also a great sign. If an applicant is privy enough to  provide a link to their resume, they should stand out enough for a second look.

2. A Personal Domain

A candidate who has taken the time to buy the domain for their name, or some variation of it, obviously has a certain level of self-motivation. For an inexpensive price, they have the chance to showcase their talents and accomplishments. If a prospective candidate contacts you and shares a domain in their name, that signals a go-getter. They have taken the opportunity to showcase their portfolio online and increase their own SEO. Obviously if the domain isn’t representative of a competent professional, then the domain becomes unimpressive, and in fact works against them. Normally however, if someone chooses to link to their personal domain, it’s sharp, informative, and gives the employer a chance to see just what the potential employee has done, and is capable of.

3. A Blog.

Having a blog that showcases someone’s professional expertise, can indicate a level of passion that is sure to be a great addition to any company. A professional blog provides a forum in which one can learn from, and educate people in their given field. As with the personal domain, an inaccurate or outdated blog can actually show a lack of knowledge or follow-through, but if they link to it for a prospective employer to see, generally that’s not the case. Someone that chooses to put their time and energy into writing about their career, is more likely to be an engaged employee, and that should hint to you they are worth an interview.

Having easy to access examples of an applicant’s work history and accomplishments is a must. If they can prove to you that they know this by including some of those links, that’s a good sign that they will be ahead of the game when they come to work. With the high number of applicants for positions these days, it helps to know easy ways to spot talent in the initial stage of sorting through resumes. If you look for above links, it can help you find the competent, specialized, professionals you seek.

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