Top 10 questions to ask when hiring a Marketing Manager

Hiring a competent marketing manager can be a challenging task, more so if you are not equipped with the relevant interview questions. Since the marketing manager is supposed to make crucial decisions on behalf of the company, you must ensure that your recruitment will significantly benefit your company. Effective communication with the prospective candidates should be well considered by the recruitment team. Holding video interviews will greatly reduce hiring cost and time. More importantly, with the help of video interviewing, the recruitment team will be able to closely examine a large number of candidates willing to deliver the required services. The following ten questions will help you get a better idea of their capabilities:

  1. Give us a sample of a marketing brief that you developed for your recent marketing program.
  2. Have you worked on a project in which you had to manage a diverse team of people to achieve common deliverables?
  3. Have you ever managed a tight budget to deliver a successful marketing campaign?
  4. Have you used online marketing tools? Can you make use of the advanced technology to achieve the best results?
  5. Have you ever delivered beyond the expectations of your seniors in terms of delivering before time and under the allotted budget?
  6. Describe a few innovative ways to influence consumer behavior.
  7. How do you prepare your marketing campaigns?
  8. The world has gone through an economic meltdown in recent years. What are the challenges faced by marketing managers today? How did you deal with such tough situations?
  9. What will your goals be after taking this job? Considering what you have learned about this company, what changes would you suggest for the organization?
  10. Why do you think you are the most suitable candidate for this job?

By taking a look at the candidate’s past experiences, you can understand how well the candidate was able to handle the requirements of his previous marketing campaigns. In the video interviews, you can ask the key objectives and outcomes of his previous campaigns and how his input created a difference. You can determine his skills by closely analyzing the reports from his recent marketing projects, and predict how well the candidate can benefit your company.

Screening potential candidates can be a difficult task, more so when there are many applicants. By using video screening, you can always arrange a detailed discussion with the candidates. If the candidate is capable of delivering within the allotted time and budget, he can prove beneficial for your company. Another important quality that a good marketing manager is supposed to have is the awareness of the challenges faced in marketing campaigns and the ability to deal with them.

Technological advancements such as video screening are benefitting recruitment teams around the world. You can not only reduce hiring cost and time by video interviewing, but you can also access the applicants from distant places within no time. If you are looking forward to hire a marketing manager, you can ask the questions listed above in your video interviews to help you assess the capability of the applicants.

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